Friday, August 17, 2012

Two years post rhabdo

Still in remission. Still no more rhabdomyosarcoma. Two years this past June. Remission is not a perfect life. We still see Derm and urology. We also have a GI doctor as well as a endocrinologist! Our biggest issue is weight loss and wt gain. I can not keep wt on Zach for nothing! So we resorted to pediasure milkshakes a few days a week and that seems to help. He is still dealing with neuropathy. Very very clumsey but not due to being a kid but that lovely vincristine. Radiation has stunted his growth to the 25% when he should have been 90% but he is here when so many are not. I will take my son, health issues and all, over cancer having him any day. Living life and making memories! Fighing for other as often as we can. The cartwrights