Monday, June 21, 2010

More Cancer? Praise God!

Sounds silly right. But how can we not.

Zach Had his follow-up scan 2 weeks ago and the scans were great. Praise God!

We, John, our oncologist and I, as a team decided to do a biopsy of the remaining tumor to make sure that what the scans were showing was true. The tumor was dead. We knew the probability of finding cancer were slim. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. We were told the as long at the preliminary biopsy came back negative we could remove his port and g-button. Praise God we were almost done with cancer!

Friday morning, June 18, we arrive at Children's in Dallas early at 7:30 am to do the 3 procedures. The 2 patience before us had canceled! We get to go early. They take Zach back and tell us to expect 3 hours of surgery.

One hour in the nurse calls us back and tells us Zach is done. Done?
Then we see Dr. Paul and the surgeon and we know. They found cancer. The biopsy was positive for Rhabdomyosarcoma cells. How? Why? We just finished 45 Weeks of chemo. But-The tumor we have been told is inoperable, is now removable! PRAISE GOD!

So no port removal, no g-button removal but we no longer have a tumor!! So now we wait. Zach is recovering at home now. We wait for news from the pathologist and Dr. Paul to make decisions with other Sarcoma specialist. But

PRAISE GOD we found it early before is spread. Praise God they think they got it all! Praise God for leading our paths and our Dr's path the right way.

Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!

The Cartwrights


hungkyo said...

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Kromagg73 said...

I am happy to know that God can work miracles in a great way. Cancer is not nice and it has taken friends and family. I pray that God keeps that Cancer away for good.

I write inspirational stories/writings and I enjoyed your blog. Check out my blog sometime.


Michelle said...


I'm so happy they were able to remove the tumor and here's to praying that it hasnt' spread... I know your family has been through a lot, he're to hoping all the healing can begin and Zach cancer free!!!