Friday, April 9, 2010

Letter to God

This movie come out today all over the US. Based on a family whos son died of brian cancer. As a church community we over look how much commpassion and hope we need to spread. We are not optimistic, we have Hope through Faith in Christ! Are you an agent of hope? daily? weekly? all year long?

Please Go see this movie. Be Hopeful.

Here is my favorite song from the movie-Everything is Beautiful.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ding dong the cancer is DEAD! (or no more Rhabdomyosarcoma)

We had a great time at Easter celebrating Jesus resurrectio​n with family this past weekend; it was such a joy to see Zach feeling so well and full of life!

We received the official “Road Map” last week of what it will look like for the next 2 years for Zach. We are very grateful & excited Zach’s last scans showed no active cancer cells but the doctor was clear our journey with cancer is not over. He meant this two fold; (1) Rhabdos comes back within the first 2 years after treatment for a number of patients so we have an aggressive plan for 2 years to check Zach (2) After 2 years we have 8 more years of a moderate plan to check Zach for cancer b/c a small percentage of patients have a relapse of cancer between years 2-10. After 10 Years of no relapse Zach will be deemed “cured” by the medical field. But overall our hearts are overwhelmed and grateful for more time with Zach! What a blessing we have more time with him here on this earth. I pray we see each day as a gift from God. Please continue to pray that Zach’s cancer cells will stay dead!

To sum up the road map, we have scans/x-ray​s/blood work every 3 months in Dallas for the next 2 years. Soon Zach will have his G-button (feeding tube) removed and if the 3 month scans come back showing no active cancer cells, then they will schedule surgery to remove Zach’s port. Zach does have a large mass (which we learned a few days ago is made up of all dead cancer cells) inside his abdomen but at this time, the doctors are not recommendin​g we remove the mass. They believe aggressive surgery in the absence of active disease is not warranted.

The doctor was also very clear we should celebrate Zach being off treatment! Now for the fun part….we have 2 very exciting things planned for Zach. First, we have an off treatment party with some other cancer friends April 23-25th at Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park in the DFW area. Then, we were invited to “Make a Wish” though the Make a Wish Foundation and Zach has been granted a wish to go to Disney World in Florida! Many in the family, including myself are going to Disney on May 12-20th to celebrate with Zach! We are really looking forward to making a great memory with Zach and to celebrate him being off treatment! Thank you Make-A-Wish for giving us this amazing opportunity!​
Although this cancer journey is not over, we are hopeful because our Hope is found in the One whose promises are true. God is trustworthy.​ He loves Zach more that we could ever dream of loving Him. This life is about giving God Glory and what a joy and privilege it is to be a vessel for His Glory. What an amazing opportunity and platform the Lord has now given our family to shine for His Glory through the journey of pediatric cancer. All though we would never wish pediatric cancer upon anyone, we are grateful that this journey drew us closer to Him and gave us another platform to shine for Him.

Jennifer, John, Aaron, and Zach
(written by Aunt Julie)