Tuesday, November 17, 2009

more bad news

Our hearts are heavy today with the news we need to share. Zach was in the hospital this weekend due to routine fever/low counts. During his stay from Saturday to Sunday, his red blood cells dropped significantly signaling something internally was going on. The doctors ordered a sonogram and then a CT scan for Monday morning and we received the results today. Zach's tumor in his last CT scan done in September measured about the size of a flat pancake/silver dollar coin in size but today it's measuring about the size/circumference of a baseball which is significant growth. Zach is no longer responding to his current treatment plan.
We are hurting and sad to hear this news. Many tears have flowed today.

Amazingly, God already had it arranged for us to be going to NY next week to meet Zach's new doctors. We are heading to the best place to get a new treatment plan and move forward with whatever they think is best for Zach. God also worked out our flights in that we got 3 seats on the Corporate Angel Network leaving Sunday morning. The Angel Network is when corporate jets owned by large companies have extra seats they donate them to the Angel Network for children with cancer and their families to fly for free to & from treatment. Zack, Jennifer & I are taking the 3 seats and will be in NY Sunday. We are having a PET Scan and MRI on Monday & Tuesday and then we will be meeting with the new doctors on Tuesday afternoon. They will give us a new course of treatment, we really don't know what that looks like at this point. I will post on Tuesday after we have more information.

We could really use your prayer for strength and encouragement. Please post in our guestbook words of encouragement and let us know if you are praying for us. We really feel that you guys are on this journey with us; we feel your prayers and your words of encouragement give us strength.
We are not without Hope. God is our Hope and that He already knows what is ahead for us and will give us the strength we need to continue this fight.

Monday, November 16, 2009

praising Him in the storm

I love praise baby DVD. not only do they calm Zach down but they calm my spirit down as well.

We have been in the hospital again sense Saturday night, but Praise God his fever did not hit 101( the magic admit #) until after i cooked chili and corn bread for the mission! God knew what needed to be done and when! PTL! We had a great night of ministry and my Sunday school class had a great time.

We are here today for a ct and blood. when I know more about New York I will post later today as well. Keep praying.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I had another mother join my sisterhood this week. The sisterhood I hate. The sisterhood I love. The cancer mother's sisterhood.

We share a strong faith in God. We hope. We pray. We scream "Why my child God!" We cry alot.

It's a sisterhood I love to hate and I love it to pieces how closer it has drawn me to my Lord.

Please pray for all of us cancer mom's and prayer warriors. we get tired and beat down alot and have to get up and keep going for our kids.

Pray for Zach, Reese, Holly, Ben, Kate, Walker, and all the other moms and kids out there that go to bed tonight with may more prayers.