Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiting on the Lord and Doctors.

If you do not know-we are waiting to find out now when we are going to New York city to Memorial Sloan Kettering. We do know we are going. It is just a matter of when now. Maybe in 2 weeks, maybe in 4 months. Truly only the Lord knows right now because even the doctors can not talk together and make the decision for us. so now for my rant.....

I hate to wait. I am a planner. I plan months in advance. I flip to the next month on my calender weeks before time so i can stay on pace. So when the Doctors in new york keep putting us off another week at a time I literally want to pull my hair out in clumps!

I HATE TO WAIT!! You would think after 2 kids I have learned some patience. nope. not me. I HATE TO WAIT! You would think I would be happy to hold off surgery as long as possible. nope. not me.
I HATE TO WAIT! I pray and pray. I look for an answer. God laughs and say-WAIT!

So I continue to pull out my hair knowing He will also help it grow back(PER MY MIL-thanks Joan!) and learn about waiting and patience. I need to remember I am on God and doctor time that moves much slower then Jennifer time.

So pray the next few day I learn to wait. Pray I don't go crazy. Pray time flies.
Please continue to pray-as we wait.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If it be Your will

How do you know what will happen tomorrow? for your life is like the morning fog-It's here a little while, then it's gone. what you ought to say is, "If the Lord wants us to, we will live and do this or that." James 4:14-15(NLT)

Many people feel led to pray for a complete healing. We feel led to pray another way. But in the church many people feel led to pray for healing. When someone is sick or dying, praying for God to heal is just what we do, isn't it?

It is hard for us that some people see our reluctance to pray this way as a lack of faith. But it has nothing to do with whether or not Gad has the power to heal Zach. We firmly believe that God can do anything. For us, it is more a matter of asking ourselves if this is the way we will see God work? And more important, is it what He has planned for us and Zach? What does God have in mind for his life and are we open to God's best for him and us?

Often we see the body of Christ put so much into pursuing God for physical healing. With great boldness and passion and persistence, we cry out to God, begging for healing of the body. And in these prayers, often is a tiny P.S. added at the end where we say, "if it be your will."

But shouldn't we switch it around? Shouldn't we cry out to God with boldness and passion and persistence in a prayer that says, "God, would you please accomplish your will? Would you give me a heart to embrace your plan and your purpose? Would you mold me into an instrument that you can us to accomplish what you have in mind?" and then, perhaps, we can add a tiny P.S. that says, "and it that includes healing, we would be grateful."

Please continue to pray for peace and patience as we continue to walk this difficult journey. We are still waiting for God to reveal the next phase of treatment to us.


(changed from pg 100 of Nancy Gutheries Book of hope)