Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Awsome God!

this happened last night at walmart on lawrence-
So i call up my friend and tell her i am ready to go by our 70lbs of ham for faith mission on saturday. it's like 9pm and i am really just ready to crash but it was on sale and we needed to save that $50 for other things so off i went! she was still eating dinner but told me to call her before i got to check out and she would run in and give me the $297 we raised to buy the food and put the rest on a gift card for later use.
so off i go with nothing but my list, a $20 gift card and i think my check book. (remember the think part!!) i go through the store buying the most food for our money. refiguring items and cost per ounce as i go and buying large quanties of ham, mac and velvetta, and brown and serve roll! buy for $120 if fun (not!) !lol this cart was heeeavvvy! 28 lb of cheese! 70 lbs of ham! anyway-
i call my freind and tell her i am almost to checkout. she say she will be there in a few. i pick the longest line to make sure i have plenty of time for her to get there. i get up to start putting my groceries on the belt. still don't see her...but i have my checkbook (i think)so i figure i will go ahead and stay and just put the cash in tomarrow.
the nice cashier and i carry on small talk. she ask what all the food is for and i explain again it is for the mission. we go every month and this was our saturday so we were exciteed the ham was on sale! saved us $50. she was happy for me. $220 she says. i give her the gift card i have for $20 and look for my checkbook-it's not there!! shoot! i must have left it in the car i think! shoot shoot shooti am beet red for embarisment...i start look ing for my friend..were is she???!!!
the lady starts looking for her manager we start brain storming what we can do...then the gentleman behind me speaks up!
let me say this is were my mircle start!! had i been apying more attention is started a few minutes before when he slipped in line behind me and was listening to the cashier and i talk. he mentioned then he had worked at or for the mission i just did not pay attention. kinda like we do to God sometimes...He pops up again. Can he help? he really knows the mission people well. Can he pay for my food? again beat red i say no no she will be right here. Please! let me pay? I really want to help the mission and you this way! I worked there for 30 yrs and have not done anything for them in so long. LET ME PAY. ok. i say. but let me pay you back. did you work there before the smith's? do you know John? i ask.I am the smith's he say-I am pete smith! My jaw and spirt just soar-I know this man and had no idea. He is pete smith. he started the Faith mission from nothing. she and his wife gave their all to it for 30 yrs! God has put His humble servant behind me to provide when i had not even thought to ask!
Pete and i hug and i say thanks. he is only in town today til saturday moving and packing his belongings to more to Kansas. he promises to come eat with us on Saturday and bring his friends. my friend shows up and tries to pay him but he insist. so we still have more then enought money for next month!
she and i walk out to put up the grociers and just cry in joy on how God provided. We prise our Creator for being so Awsome and anwser many prayers that night.
I go to my car and think my checkbook will be there. it's not! shoot shoot shoot! i had taken it in! I run back in walmart praying it had been turned in. it had. God provided again!
God knew my plan. He had his own. He knew i did not need my checkbook so i dropped it. he knew my friend did not need to be there, she she hit every red light in town. He knew i would not ask so He just provided anyway. He fixed it so i knew it was Him! My God is an Awsome God.Jennifer